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What is the Rainbow Guide?

The cover of the most recent issue of the Rainbow Guide

This is an online version of the Rainbow Guide, a newsprint publication that is distributed at the North American Rainbow Gathering every year in July.

Only people who have specifically stated they want to be in it by answering yes to the question on the entry form are included. There are more names to be found in the printed paper version, which can be obtained by e-mailing

It is a directory of folks who are open to contact with other Rainbow folks. Some open their homes to travelers looking for a night's rest. Some host drum circles, potluck meals, or other events where Rainbows can gather. Some seek others who share their interests for conversation and learning. Some offer information on the towns they live in to visitors from afar. After the gathering is over, this Guide can help you stay connected with those who share the Rainbow Vision.

The Rainbow Guide is not authorized or affiliated with any group of individuals other than those who compile or contribute to the Guide itself. It is an independent publication, not necessarily affiliated with any congregation of people observed to have been called the Rainbow Family, the Gathering of the Tribes, the Rainbow Gathering for Peace and Healing, or any other name. The Guide is not, and could not, be authorized by Vision Council. The cost of printing and distribution is covered entirely by voluntary contributions, and the Guide is given away for free, and not sold for money. Any further reproduction of the personal entries, in any medium, is not to be done without the permission of the stewards of the Rainbow Guide. The contents of the Raps and the Mini-Manual are available to be reproduced and distributed freely.

This online Guide is managed by Butterfly Bill, who has an entry with his contact information included in it. The paper publication is managed by the Rainbow Guide focalizer, who is chosen by consensus at a council held every year at Information on the 5th of July.

If you want to submit an entry, you can do it at our entry form page.

Remember that Rainbow is a bunch of volunteers, just plain folks with homes, many with families, making their way through life just like anyone else. These people are your brothers and sisters and deserve your respect. With this in mind, please call, write, or e-mail before visiting. Call at regular hours. Include a stamped self-addressed envelope with mail if you want a response. Don't have expectations or take anything for granted, and love your family as you want to be loved. Read Rap 516.

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