Rap 516

When staying with family...

As you walk lightly on the land, walk lightly in other people's homes.

Disturb their environment as little as possible. Be aware of their daily rhythms. Don't keep them up late if they have work in the morning. Don't be in the bathroom when they prepare for work. Don't make loud noises when others are sleeping. Honor their requests to be alone.

Respect the values of roommates, neighbors, and landlords, even if they are strange to you. Introduce yourself to dogs and cats. Play with children. Tell interesting stories.

Clean up after yourself. Put things away. If you are quickly offered a shower, maybe it's a hint.

Ask before using anything. Never use a telephone without first asking permission.

Thou shalt not steal

Don't enter rooms you haven't been shown into. Don't browse thru drawers and cabinets. Knock on doors before entering.

Offer to help with cooking, cleaning, & housework. But don't clean up a mess without asking first one person's mess might be another's filing system.

Offer to replace anything you damage. Offer to replace anything you've used up. Leave while they're still glad you came.

Always remember two words: "THANK YOU!"

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