Rap 151

It is a tradition in our family to discourage alcohol use at the Gathering.

We, especially our children, need a safe and sane environment to celebrate in. We respect the alcoholicís right to drink, but the alcoholic must respect the rights of others to gather in an alcohol-free environment.

The gathering is a prayer and peace sanctuary, not a booze party. Your brothers and sisters can help you through it if you wish to stop. Be whole, be healthy, be your true self at Rainbow.

Rap 515

If you are hyper-sensitive to drinkers, donít become a nuisance to them or to Shanti Sena.

If a drinker is bothering you, bring others along with you and try to use reason; do not grow angry or reactionary.

Many now respected brothers and sisters were once where this drinker is. Love them and they will come to the center.

If you are panhandled or otherwise insulted by a drunken individual, say no or leave. If someone has a legitimate problem, help them if you want. If you donít, tell them to look for someone else.

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