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Submitting this form will get you into the printed Rainbow Guide that will be distributed at the next North American Rainbow Gathering in July. If you do not specifically reply yes to the question about inclusion in the online Guide, your entry will appear only in the printed version. If you answer yes, you will be both online and in print.

A new entry must be made every year for the printed Guide; entries for previous years are not carried over automatically. Entries in the online Guide remain until a request to take them down is made by e-mail to the Guide focalizer.

Your information will be loaded onto a text file, which will not respond to any JavaScript or any other mischief someone might try to upload. It will be transferred to the Guide's files by a human, with no automation involved, and any garbage will simply be deleted. The e-mail addresses reside on the server in an SQL database in a fragmented form, and are reassembled into HTML code only when they are sent to your browser.

Since the purpose of the Guide is contact, you will not be included unless you provide at least one of the following:

a street address or PO box
a phone number
an e-mail address
the name someone can use to find you on Facebook*.

The Guide is not a place to just say hi or share your heartsong in your comments. All Ways Free, Facebook, and alt.gathering.rainbow are the places for that.

*Facebook users please see notice at the bottom of this page


Other name, tribe, members of family, etc:
Street address:
State, province, or country:
ZIP Code:
2nd telephone:
What are the best times to call?
Website URL:
2nd URL:
Name on Facebook:
Do you want this information to be displayed on the internet in the online Guide? Yes  No
If yes, are there specific items you don't want to be displayed in the online Guide?

Facebook users please note:

If you tell people to go to and then type your name into their search window, it is very possible that they will get someone else with the same name as you. (Yes, they allow multiple users to have the same name, as they ask for real names, and there are more than one Robert Johnson and Karen Smith in the world.) If you want to be sure someone goes to your own profile page, you must go to and have them assign you what they call a “username”. Your profile's URL will then be something like “”. If you have done this, enter your username in this form.