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Subject: The Ad Astra Per Aspera Gathering - footnote 2
From: Butterfly Bill <butterflybill@grapevine.net>
Newsgroups: alt.gathering.rainbow
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 07:06:18 -0500

[This is the letter to the Forest Service that Garrick wrote, with the aid of a few others, after the meeting of June 28, as requested by Malcolm Jowers.]

Shuttle Parking Plan

1) Gathering people will monitor all vehicles and front gate and road 307 only

a) vehicles moving into 307 will be necessary for the operation of the gathering. These will be supply, emergency, + various operations

b) live-in vehicles including buses + vans will be monitored, allowed to come in 307, park off the road, in accordance with ecological needs as expressed by Bernard Asay (et. al.)

c) we will allow shuttles in to shuttle drop off point

2) Gatherers will set up "day parking" for locals and will monitor locals in + out with respect.

3) Gathering will monitor 307 + try to ensure there are minimal vehicles below the green road, and at the same time attempt to monitor in + out of those already parked below the green road (in the middle).

4) If given the environmental OK, there will be a shuttle gear drop-off at the "old elk camp" road for personal vehicles which will then return to the parking lot.

5) Further communication re these arrangement (parking, shuttle, monitors etc.) will be done with the crews directly involved, and further, all these arrangements will be communicated to the rest of the gathering.


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