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Subject: The Ad Astra Per Aspera Gathering - footnote 1
From: Butterfly Bill <butterflybill@grapevine.net>
Newsgroups: alt.gathering.rainbow
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 07:05:13 -0500

[This is the letter that Garrick passed around at the beginning of the meeting of June 28, informing him of the roadblock.]

Date: June 27, 2003
Mr. Garrick Beck
930 Baca Street #10
Sante Fe, NM 87505

Dear Mr. Beck,


This serves as immediate partial suspension of the special use permit issued on June 17, 2003 to the Individuals Assembling for Expressive Activity and Meditation for Peace. The permit was issued for the purpose ofconducting a noncommercial group use event on the Evanston Ranger District, Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Pursuant to the Secretary of Agriculture's regulations at 36 CFR 251.60(a)(1)(i)(A) and (B), 251.54(g)(3)(ii)(F)(4), an authorized officer may suspend a special use permit for noncompliance with applicable statutes or regulations or the terms and conditions of the authorization or for public safety, specifically adequate ingress and egress. The grounds for this suspension are as follows:

The permit's operating plan identifies that "parking areas will be pre-determined by the Forest Service and the holder, and flagged by the holder. The holder is responsible to assure that visitors park within the designated areas." Parking areas were jointly designated. Flagging was provided primarily by the Forest Service and parking areas were flagged.

On June 25, Forest Service law enforcement officers escorted a private tow truck operator into the authorized area to remove two illegally parked vehicles. These two vehicles, and 16 others, were repeatedly issued verbal and written warning notices requiring the vehicles to be moved to the parking area identified in, and authorized by, the special use permit. The owners of 16 vehicles complied with the notices and moved their vehicles; however, two vehicles remained illegally parked. As the tow truck operator tried to load the two vehicles, a large group assembled a circle to prevent the vehicle removal; the situation quickly escalated. The Forest Service mounted officers were summoned to disperse the group. Three officers were assaulted by rocks thrown by members of the group; the officers received only minor injuries. In addition, the rear window of one Forest Service law enforcement vehicle was destroyed.

Therefore, Forest Development Road 3307 is immediately closed to vehicular use. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the authorized area via #307 without express permission of a Forest Service Officer. Any vehicle currently within the authorized area will be allowed to exit, but will not be allowed to reenter until the order is rescinded. This closure is necessary for public health and safety.

To remedy the above noncompliance, the permit holder must develop a method to assure compliance with the parking restrictions identified in the special use permit, operating plan, and applicable Forest Service special orders. In addition, the permit holder must provide a strategy to ensure that any type of violent event, such as what occurred on June 25, will not happen in the future. I will not tolerate interference with any Forest Service employee conducting their duties, nor will I tolerate any violent activity that threatens not only Forest Service employees, but also other publics, including family members. Health and safety is my utmost concern with this event. If any such violent activity occurs in the future, revocation action may be taken with the special use permit.

Please provide me with your written plans to remedy the above noncompliance items as soon as possible.


District Ranger


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